Committed to creating the world's most advanced door industry production base

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2014-06-20

BUYANG GROUP in addition to zhejiang headquarters, in the national layout of four production bases, within 5 years to form an annual output of 8 million doors production base. In 2013, it invested 230 million yuan to build a number of automatic production lines in the door industry, which was listed as "machine replacement automatic production demonstration enterprise" by Zhejiang Province, and ranked the world's largest door product manufacturer. Among them, the production and sales of steel doors, steel and wood armored doors and fire doors have been far ahead in China for many years.

In the future, the group will further invest in automatic welding production line, integrated coating line and automatic assembly line. All investment strategies point to one goal: continuously consolidate and improve the innovation and competitiveness of Buyang door production base.

With the launch of "High-quality products of Yang", the brand values of "noble", "enterprising" and "trust" of Yang brand are increasingly highlighted. The concept of "I can rest assured by using Yang" that the group has always upheld is also played incisively and vividly in the products.

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