Buyang Group won five honors, including

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2022-03-12

On March 11, 2021 Yongkang private economy and advanced manufacturing development conference was held in Yongkang City organs conference center. The meeting conscientiously implemented the province's private economy conference, Jinhua City private economy and advanced manufacturing development conference and other series of meetings, commended the advanced, mobilized the city to seize the opportunity, take advantage of the momentum, carry out in-depth transformation and upgrading of the hardware industry to attack the action, build a high-quality development of industrial city, towards building "the world's hardware capital quality vitality Yongkang The ambitious goal of "World Hardware Capital Quality and Vitality Yongkang" will take a more solid step. Yongkang City Party Secretary Zhang Xusheng, Mayor Hu Yongchun and other leaders attended the meeting.

Ltd. won five awards, including "Top 100 Yongkang Manufacturing Enterprises in 2021", "Top 10 Yongkang Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises", "National Green Manufacturing Enterprise", "Provincial Intelligent Factory" and "Provincial Water-saving Benchmark Enterprise".

"2022 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Buyang Group, we will take this as a new starting point for our struggle, around the two major directions of digital empowerment reform and docking to the capital market, to promote the enterprise to create a breakthrough against the trend to create good results." Mr. Xu Jingjun, General Manager of Buyang Group, said in his statement that Buyang Group will invest 25 million to continue to promote the development of big data software and digital twin project, upgrade the big data center and each control platform, and promote Kingdee ERP software optimization project, Meiyun SCADA data collection and MES digital transformation project, so as to lay a solid foundation for Buyang's digital transformation.

This year is the first year of Yongkang Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises, which is another golden honor after Buyang Group won the first place of "2021 Yongkang Top 100 Taxpayers", and it is also the high affirmation of Yongkang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to Buyang Group. In the future, Buyang will continue to take brand power, marketing power, R&D power, product power and delivery power as the grasp, form five "powers" in one, focus on industry dividends, adhere to innovation-driven, digital transformation and upgrading, create the grand blueprint of "100 years of Buyang", and lead the high-quality development of Yongkang manufacturing industry.

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