Yongkang Xicheng Street Leaders Visit Buyang and Seek New Year's Opening

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2022-02-08

On February 8, Lu Ling, secretary of the Party and Work Committee of Xicheng Street of Yongkang, and Wang Yu, director of the office, came to the group to pay a visit.

While sending red-hot flowers and sincere wishes, the street leaders talked with Xu Buyun, chairman of the group and some executives, listened carefully to the production and operation of the enterprise, asked carefully about the resumption of work after the holiday, listened to the needs and difficulties of the enterprise, understood in detail the production and operation of the enterprise this year and development goals, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the development of the enterprise.

On the difficulties and problems faced by the enterprises in recruiting workers, the street leaders work on site and ask the relevant sections to provide good services and necessary guidance, try their best to form a standardized labor market and help the enterprises to recruit better.

Secretary Lu Ling said that in the next work, the street will further increase efforts to actively solve problems for enterprises, and strive to create a more harmonious and relaxed environment for enterprise development, to encourage enterprises to promote production and development, to make a good start for this year's economic development, a good start, and strive to achieve the first quarter open door.

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