Buyang Group donated anti-epidemic materials to help prevent and control the epidemic in Yongkang

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2022-01-11

In the afternoon of January 11, four trucks full of materials from Buyang Group to support the epidemic prevention and control in Yongkang left Buyang Group for Yongkang Xicheng Street to help prevent and control the epidemic in Yongkang. Xu Buyun, Chairman of the Group, and Xu Jingjun, General Manager of the Group, personally inspected and took the lead in carrying various epidemic prevention materials, sending care and warmth to the epidemic prevention staff in Yongkang and interpreting social responsibility and commitment with practical actions.

Xu Buyun, chairman of the group, said that the epidemic in Yongkang touched everyone's heart. In response to the government's call and also as a proactive way to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, today, Buyun Group offers a love to the staff working in the front line of epidemic prevention, which is not only to express our respect and condolences to the front-line personnel against the epidemic, but also to hope that with everyone's joint efforts, Yongkang can overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

Lu Ling, Secretary of Party and Work Committee of Xicheng Street of Yongkang, and Wang Yu, Deputy Secretary of Xicheng Street of Yongkang, received the donation plaque from General Manager Xu Jingjun and expressed their heartfelt thanks to Buyang Group on behalf of Yongkang Municipal Government and Xicheng Street, pointing out that the donated epidemic prevention materials are the most needed materials in the current epidemic prevention work of the city, and saying that the donated epidemic prevention materials will be uniformly deployed and distributed to the front-line staff of epidemic prevention and control at the first time.

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