Buyang Group spent money to build a global first-class door industrial park

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2015-04-29

Buyang Group's big move in Shifang City, Sichuan triggered a social sensation - 1000 mu of land planning, 2 billion yuan investment, annual output of 3 million doors, annual output value of 3 billion yuan. The groundbreaking of the western Buyang Door Industrial Park marks the first-class security door production line in Asia Pacific and the highest technology in China settled in Sichuan, which is an important strategy for Buyang to enhance the competitiveness of the door industry and implement industrial transformation and upgrading, and a new milestone in Buyang's development.

In the past five years, the overall sales share market share of Buyang security doors has increased nearly three times, and the sales scale of the Security Door Division has ranked first among domestic security door brands for nine consecutive years. As a leading brand in the industry, the rapid development of Buyang Group for many years has been favored by local governments. 2013, Buyang Group and Shifang City Government established a safety door development base and signed a cooperation framework agreement, planning to make Shifang City the western strategic center of Buyang Group.

According to reports, the base covers an area of 1,000 mu, and the construction will be completed in three phases within five years. The total investment is up to 2 billion yuan, the first batch of investment amounting to 720 million yuan, the first phase of planning land area of 300 acres. The construction period of the first phase of the project is expected to be 1.5 years, and the trial production will be realized in December 2016, and the first phase will be put into production to realize the production capacity of 1 million security doors, and through the construction of five years, the annual production capacity of 3 million security doors manufacturing and R & D center will be realized.

Security door market competition is fierce, the brands have also shown different advantages of their own, to seize the market. Although the competition in the door market is intensifying, but in the final analysis is the competition around the product, the starting point of all competition is back to the product itself. The senior management of the group said that Buyang security door products will achieve new breakthroughs and quality upgrades in terms of product appearance, technology, control, function and intelligent technology, prompting product upgrades, enhancing product competitiveness and taking a differentiated product innovation route.

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