Buyang Business School

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2015-07-04

In June 2015, Buyang Business School - National Buyang Store Manager Training Course was officially launched, the program will invite about 5,000 retail store managers across the country in batches to study and train at the company's headquarters, the first batch of more than 100 students had a 4-day training, the course included: a visit to the factory fully automatic door surface, door frame production line and robot automatic welding line, Buyang lean production process and quality control explanation, terminal retail sales skills, sales mindset, after-sales service and other professional training.

Xu Buyun, the chairman of the group, personally served as the president of Buyang Business School, and will invite professors from Peking University School of Business and Industry, instructors from Caiji Marketing Agency and other teachers from various parties to come to class for the students. He proposed that the future competition of enterprises is the competition of the execution and development of the first-line sales channels, to take the Buyang Business School as an important strategy for the development of Buyang, and to carry out an all-round improvement of the sales terminal. By organizing this national training, we will enhance the cohesion of all Buyang store staff, strengthen the after-sales service of the terminal, and let the core concept of "use Buyang, I feel relieved" be implemented to every sales terminal.

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