Evergrande Group and Buyang Group held a regional exchange meeting for strategic partners

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2015-07-23

On July 23, the regional exchange meeting of Evergrande's strategic partners, sponsored by Evergrande Material Company and co-sponsored by Buyang Group Limited, was held in Yongkang, which is known as "Hardware Capital" and "Door Capital of China".

Evergrande Material Company Chairman Yu Weiqiao, Executive Vice General Manager Su Xin, Li Yingxin, Zhang Mingming; Grain and Oil Group leader Qin Liyong; Dairy Group leader Wang Xi and other senior leaders of Evergrande attended the meeting, Qunshang Group Co. Ltd., Foshan Henghe Wood Co., Zhuhai Huahong Wood Co., Huanyu Group Co. Representatives attended the meeting, involving material categories including indoor doors, cables, etc. President Xu Buyun, general manager of interior door sales Liu Binyi, and Chen Yinxu of Evergrande Strategic Cooperation Department warmly received the guests from Evergrande and its partners.

The meeting revolved around the theme of "strategic cooperation and common development", Zhang Mingming, the assistant of general manager of Evergrande Material Company, presided over the meeting, and Xu Buyun, the chairman of the board, delivered a speech, and firstly, Mr. Xu introduced the industry trend of security doors and the 23-year development of the group for all the guests, and Fang Linhua, the business director of Evergrande Division of Buyang, reviewed the cooperation with Evergrande Group. history. Immediately afterwards, Chairman Yu Weiqiao of Evergrande Material Company announced the latest cooperation concept and policy development concept of Evergrande suppliers at the meeting, saying that Evergrande will still focus on real estate in 2015, while strengthening the development of diversified strategies, so that the strategic suppliers attending the meeting will strengthen the cooperation with Evergrande more closely in the future time. Su Xin, executive vice general manager of Evergrande Material Company, informed the suppliers about the supplier cooperation in the meeting. The meeting enabled Buyang and other supplier partners to better understand the working objectives of Evergrande Materials.

Since the establishment of strategic cooperation with Evergrande Group in 2009, Buyang Group has provided quality products for more than two hundred projects of Evergrande in all major cities in China in recent years, and the advertising slogan of "Use Buyang, I am assured" has penetrated into thousands of households. ", "China's top 500 real estate brands" explains the influence of Buyang Group in the industry, while Mr. Xu is also the chairman of the door industry association of "China's door capital - Yongkang". Leading the development of Yongkang door industry and even China's door industry, this regional exchange meeting with Evergrande Group for 2015 Evergrande strategic partners is a deeper mode attempt of strategic partnership between Buyang and Evergrande, and also a new start to further establish closer cooperation in a wider scope.

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