Buyang Group Helps China Table Tennis Club Super League 2015

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2015-09-01

On the evening of August 30, the sixteenth round of the 2015 China Table Tennis Club Super League sponsored by Buyang Group kicked off at Jinhua Gymnasium. Nearly 600 employees from the Group's table tennis hobby came to the scene to cheer and cheer, and the wonderful duel between players from both sides won wide attention from the audience, and the whole match was recorded by CCTV5.

The Group's Chairman, Mr. Xu Buyun, believes that the spirit of sports, which is courageous and fearless of challenges, fits well with Buyang's corporate spirit of striving for progress. The Group has sponsored sports events such as the China-Australia National Men's Volleyball Tournament, the China-USA Men's Basketball Tournament and the China Badminton Tour Championship to support the continuous development of sports and contribute to China's dream of a strong sports nation!

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