Buyang 10 Million Charity Fund

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2015-09-08

On August 30, the "Buyang Million Public Welfare Fund" Scholarship Foundation, together with Jinhua Evening News and Yongkang Daily, carried out the 2015 Dream College Action. Most of these families are poor due to illness or disaster, but the children have excellent performance, and two of them have been admitted to Zhejiang University. Cheng Mingsong, Vice President of Administration of the Group, presented each of them with a scholarship of 5,000 RMB.

"Established in 2005, the "Buyang Million Public Welfare Fund" has become the two major public welfare activities of the Fund every year, including year-end assistance and summer assistance. The "Fund" has entered its 11th year of operation, and up to now, 24 special actions have been carried out, with a total of nearly 10 million yuan in grants and social assistance. Because of the warmth of the "Buyang Ten Million Public Welfare Fund", the Spring Festival of more than 2,200 families in difficulty in the city has added laughter, and because of the arms of the "Buyang Ten Million Public Welfare Fund", the road to campus for 400 poor students has become smoother.


"Now the tuition fee has been settled!" When Xiao Rui, a freshman in Jindong District, received the 5,000 yuan grant from Cheng, a stone fell from his heart. In order to get the tuition fee, he saved several thousand yuan by himself in summer jobs, but he still owed a lot, and the start of school was approaching, so the Buyang grant solved his urgent need.

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