The 13th Buyang Cultural Festival came to a successful conclusion

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2015-11-02

On the evening of October 26th, the 13th Bunyang Cultural Festival Cultural Party was held in the factory of Bunyang Group. All Bunyang people and 300 representatives of distributors from all over the country spent a passionate night together.

Buyang Culture Festival is the festival of Buyang people themselves. At the party, most of the programs were self-directed and performed by Buyang staff and distributors. The gong and drum dance "Love me Buyang" showed the positive and heroic sentiment of Buyang people, and the branch performed the fast board "Quotidian Buyang" and "Shopping Buyang" to show the confidence of dealers across the country in Buyang Group. Innovative management is the overall planning idea of Buyang Group in 2015. Since the establishment of the management and innovation team, through the concerted efforts of all departments, effective implementation and active development, the implementation of management and innovation has led to a great improvement in various tasks, and there is a great improvement compared with the previous one, and the skit "Before and After Improvement" vividly reflects the great changes before and after the improvement of the company. The large dance "Defending the Yellow River" shows the magnificent scene of the war of resistance and national salvation 70 years ago.

The party also invited the famous singer from the Mainland, Donglai Donglai, and the famous singer from Hong Kong, Tang Baoru, to cheer for the Buyang Cultural Festival. Large-scale acrobatics, magic shows, skits, comedy and other programs also added color to the party.

At the party, awards were also given to outstanding dealers and employees. Mr. Xu Buyun, Chairman of Buyang Group, announced the establishment of 5 million RMB Buyang Dealers' Love and Care Fund, which is mainly used for the tens of thousands of employees in the front line of the market served by dealers all over the country, so that they can get timely help when they are in difficulties.

In the morning of October 27, the company carefully arranged sales team building training. In the afternoon, Buyang Sales Festival kicked off, the majority of dealers watched the video display of Buyang excellent stores, at the meeting the company formulated a preferential policy for boutique doors, sales order will be crowded, more than 60,000 boutique doors booked on the spot, the total order amount of more than 100 million yuan, the sales festival boutique doors hot order, also heralded the Buyang boutique doors in the market hot selling.

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