Buyang Group won the 2016 China Top 500 Real Estate Preferred Supplier Unit

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2016-03-23

The 2016 China Real Estate Top 500 Assessment Results Conference, jointly sponsored by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Assessment Center, was grandly held in Beijing on March 22, 2016. 2016 China Real Estate Development Enterprises Top 500 and Top 500 Preferred Suppliers, Service Provider Brands and other assessment results were grandly unveiled.

In the evaluation of the preferred supplier brands of the top 500 companies, Buyang Group topped the 2016 China Top 500 Real Estate Developers' Preferred Brand Category by virtue of its strong brand strength and high quality products!

China Top 500 Real Estate Assessment has been providing professional assessment data for the whole industry for eight consecutive years since 2008, and has become the most authoritative and influential industry assessment activity in China, as it has become an essential reference basis for real estate professionals to understand the market situation and judge market trends. The conference is known as the "Oscar" of the real estate industry.


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