Buyang Group adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship and builds a model of manufacturing enterprise

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2016-03-30

Xu Buyun, Chairman of Buyang Group

Despite the recession in the real estate market, the macroeconomic weakness and the decline in market demand, the Buyang Group has always seized the bull's eye of the market, given full play to the quality advantages of network, brand, scale and innovation of high-quality door products, and successfully achieved a breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading.

The goal of Buyang Group's transformation and upgrading is clear, not only to ensure the leading position of the industry, but also to explore a sustainable development path for industrial development. Through the two channels of product and market simultaneously, both internal and external training to shape the brand and quality image of Buyang, dispel the gloom of the real estate market, leapfrogging to open up the blue sea of the market.

With the core of Buyang Intelligent Door Industry Research Institute, the innovation channel connects every workshop and market, and the information and innovative thinking are rapidly gathered and constantly pushed out, forming a powerful innovation system and virtuous cycle system.

Management innovation has gradually taken root in people's hearts, and profound changes have been taking place at all times from the group administration to each division, workshop and section level. The transformation and upgrading of management software, the extensive use of WeChat group management, the continuous refinement of assessment, the new look of the workshop site, production, quality, safety and other aspects of effectiveness significantly improved.

With the launch of the boutique doors, the marketing model of Buyang Group implemented a major reform, from the past focus on the engineering door market, adjusting to a two-pronged approach to engineering, retail, and strengthen the focus on the development of the retail market.

At the same time, Buyang Group started to enter the "Internet+" era. In line with the trend of Internet development, the Buyang brand Tmall flagship store was officially launched for trial run, which plays an important role in spreading the company's brand culture and realizing the interaction between online and offline.

●Site:Buyang Research Institute launches a new door every month

Buyang wisdom door industry research institute of new display library, a pattern exquisite, heavy solid explosion-proof cast aluminum door surface spotless, the head of the Institute Hu Jinkui said: "This door is the research line down the new product, two months ago set the development plan, after the appearance of design, material selection, performance testing to dozens of procedures, and finally developed recently formed. Weighing 150 kilograms of explosion-proof door, even the thinnest part of the aluminum plate thickness of 1 cm, with bulletproof effect."

The research institute with an area of less than 2,000 square meters can be called "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", with a total value of more than 20 million of various precision equipment, as well as more than 40 top technical personnel, is a provincial enterprise research institute.

The Institute has new products almost every month, and in the first quarter of this year, the Institute has developed five new doors. This year, the Institute will focus on non-standard series of high-grade doors to strengthen the boutique market.

● Powerful: Fine doors become market highlight, sales increase 2 times year-on-year

In the past few days, taking the opportunity of the 14th Buyang Marketing Seminar, Xu Buyun went to the front line of sales in each province and had face-to-face dialogues with local dealers to talk about ideas and sign orders, which stimulated the enthusiasm of dealers' entrepreneurship and innovation.

Xu Buyun said that the transformation and upgrading dividend of Buyang Group is gradually released, the total amount has fallen back, but the total sales are growing against the trend. In particular, sales of high-quality doors are rising rapidly, reaching 170,000 units in 2015, up 200% year-on-year.

In recent years, the company has been on the road of transformation and upgrading, not only the product quality has been improved significantly, the appearance of the workshop has also undergone a radical change, lean production from passive to active, management personnel for the section of the existing problems to take the initiative to improve. Through the workshop 5S activities, positioning, operation area and channel distinction, visual management and other activities, the workshop now has a new look. The establishment of the first domestic assembly and packaging assembly line, gantry welding assembly line, reduce the labor intensity of employees, reduce a large number of process vehicles in the workshop, the workshop layout has been further optimized.

"Don't look at this set of equipment so simple, its efficacy is very unusual." In the painting workshop, Cheng Mingsong, deputy general manager of Buyang Group, pointed to the company's self-developed exhaust gas heat recycling furnace. Today, this equipment has been promoted in several production workshops and can save tens of thousands of degrees of electricity a day.

In terms of energy saving and consumption reduction, Buyang Group's equipment renovation project continues to advance, with the number of burners reduced from 121 to 65, saving an average of 6,500 degrees of electricity per day; secondary use of treated water, reducing emissions and saving water; comprehensive optimization of gas and water pipelines throughout the plant, reducing hidden losses.

●Buyang, the leader of the faucet industry

In the past year, the sales of various door products of Buyang Group reached 2.6 million units, and the tax payment of Yongkang base was nearly 170 million yuan, making it the leading enterprise in the door industry. Seemingly simple data, behind it lies the mystery of the rebirth of Buyang Group: the increase in sales greatly exceeds the growth rate of sales. On the road of improving quality and efficiency, Buyang Group has blazed a brand new path.

Product innovation and equipment research and development are the two main lines of development for the Buyang Group on its way forward. In the production workshops of Buyang, many equipments carry the title of "homemade" or "first of its kind", such as assembly and packaging lines, gantry welding lines, exhaust gas heat recovery furnaces, etc. Whether it is a breakthrough in production efficiency or improvement in energy saving and environmental protection, several projects are in progress. Whether it's a breakthrough in production efficiency or improvement in energy saving and environmental protection, several projects have gone hand in hand and written a perfect prelude to the technical and equipment innovation of the industry.

In addition, as one of the province's two integration pilot industries in the next three years, Buyang Group plays the role of a leading enterprise, taking the lead in building an industry-wide "machine for human" engineering service platform, jointly forming a "1+3" technology alliance, and making every effort to To develop a new type of efficient automated production line, and strive to promote the leapfrog development of security door industry processing and its equipment, to provide advanced technology and equipment support for the whole industry.

All along, Buyang Group has been standing at the forefront of the industry's development, carrying forward the spirit of chopping waves and working hard, and continuously opening up a wide road for the industry's development.

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