Buyang Group won the certificate

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2016-04-15

The Summit Forum on the Road to Development of Door and Window Industry under the New Normal, sponsored by the Steel and Wooden Door and Window Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association, Plastic Door and Window Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association, Real Estate and Property Committee of China Capital Construction Optimization Research Association and China Real Estate Technology Alliance, was held in Shanghai Hongqiao International Convention and Exhibition Center. Steel door product manufacturing and installation double one-level qualification, becoming the first domestic enterprises to receive this award.

One-class qualification is the highest level of qualification standard in the construction steel door industry, which is an important indicator of the overall strength of the enterprise. One-class qualification is the result of Buyang strengthening hardware and software in the past few years, double-pronged drive and continuous innovation. The acquisition of one-class qualification marks that the company can undertake all levels of engineering projects, manufacturing and installation of architectural steel doors, providing one-stop service for real estate developers, improving the contracting capacity and market share of large-scale projects, and providing a strong potential for the group to plow meticulously and continuously explore the industry. guarantee.

The qualification registration uses a forgery-proof certificate, divided into an original and a copy of each. The certificate paper contains a special print pattern, the certificate in addition to the official seal, each with a unified logo, there is a unique QR code containing the information of the certified enterprise, cell phone scanning QR code can directly access the website query.

Doors and windows qualification is to strengthen industry self-regulation, regulate industry behavior, improve the overall quality of the industry, adopted by the tenth Council of the five executive director meeting, in the building doors and windows industry to carry out a building doors and windows industry qualification assessment work, through the establishment of industry enterprise information, industry enterprise integrity records file, the implementation of building doors and windows enterprise industry qualification level, with the industry enterprise registration method, to guide member enterprises to establish a good The production and operation system, promote the production of architectural doors and windows products, installation quality improvement, to maintain fair competition and legitimate interests between the industry, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Since February 1, 2012, when the national after-sales service evaluation system (GB/T27922) was launched, the national "after-sales service" standard has promulgated a number of "five-star" enterprise brands evaluated according to the national standard, and Buyang Group Ltd. was awarded the certificate of "five-star" after-sales service, becoming one of the first enterprises in the industry to win this award. With Buyang, rest assured and feel at ease.

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