2016 Buyang Year-end Summary Meeting and Buyang Reunion was held

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2017-01-14

"On January 12, 2017, all employees of Buyang Group gathered together and held the 2016 year-end work summary meeting and Buyang reunion in Yongkang Pearl Hotel. The number of participants was more than six hundred, and the main leaders of the group and managers of each division and leaders of each department attended the event.

Speech by Xu Buyun, Chairman of the Group

At the meeting, Xu Buyun, Chairman of the Group, made an important speech, reviewing and summarizing the work of various divisions and departments in 2016, and comprehensively deploying the work goals and development ideas for 2017; Mr. Xu pointed out that in 2016, all Buyang people were determined to forge ahead and work hard, so that the enterprise always maintained a good momentum of development and achieved a series of new achievements The company's strength has been greatly enhanced, and the development of the enterprise has attracted much attention, and various honors are dazzling. At the meeting, the excellent employees of Buyang were also commended.

Company leader Mr. Pu introduced the situation of provincial linkage activities and the achievements

Mr. Huang from BUYANG Lean Production QC Project presented three requirements and four aspects to be done in the future with a poem "Ode to Management and Creation". After that, managers from each business unit made a summary and plan of the management and creation work in 2016, mainly involving site management optimization, quality and efficiency improvement, process improvement and process optimization, energy and cost reduction control, automation equipment introduction, etc. Through the promotion of this project, good results were achieved, with quality improved by 10 percentage points compared with the previous year; production efficiency increased by 15%; the process flow of each process was further The quality has been improved by 10% compared with the previous year; the production efficiency has been improved by 15%; the process flow has been further optimized and the labor intensity of employees has been reduced. At the meeting, the excellent employees of Buyang were also commended.

Buyang's outstanding employees on stage to receive the award group photo

The dinner started with a toast by the chairman of the board. All the people of Buyang gathered together, adhering to the concept of family, family, and striving together for the dream of a strong enterprise and a century of Buyang; the party also prepared colorful programs and lucky draws for everyone.

The program "Blessing You Buyang" performed by the administration department

2016, Buyang carries many brilliant has passed, in the new year, despite the severe economic situation at home and abroad, but Buyang people always firmly believe that as long as we are determined, unremitting efforts, deepening reform, pioneering innovation, a hundred years of Buyang dream! is definitely achievable! The reunion was successfully concluded with laughter.

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