Buyang won the honor of "Excellent Strategic Partner" of Evergrande again and signed a 5-year 2 billion strategic order

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2017-03-23

Strategic Reciprocity with Strong Alliances

Share the opportunity to win the future together

Hui Kayan, Chairman of Evergrande Group, presented the award to Chairman Xu Buyun

On March 22, Evergrande Group held the 2017 Strategic Partner Summit, and Xu Buyun, Chairman of the Group, was invited to attend. As the first batch of suppliers entering Evergrande's strategic cooperation, Buyang Group was awarded as "Excellent Strategic Partner" together with other famous enterprises such as China Construction, China Railway Construction, Quanta Holdings, Otis, American Standard, Siemens and E-House China. This is the seventh consecutive year that Buyang Group has won this award!

Strategic Partner Excellence Award Plaque

Evergrande Real Estate, as a leading brand in the real estate industry, is the first real estate enterprise in China to establish strategic cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry. Since the first strategic partner high-level summit was held in 2007, it has continuously established cooperation with more leading upstream and downstream enterprises. At present, it has established cooperative alliances with 861 well-known enterprises both at home and abroad to achieve strong industry chain integration.

With Evergrande completing the transformation of 'real estate + service industry' and successfully laying out four major industries such as real estate, finance, health and cultural tourism, it means Evergrande can provide more diversified support for the development of strategic partners in the future. "It is not surprising that more Chinese top 500 enterprises or even world top 500 enterprises will be born among Evergrande's partners in the future", Xia Haijun, president of Evergrande Group, said at the summit.

President Xia Haijun of Evergrande Group with Chairman Xu

Since the establishment of strategic cooperation with Evergrande in 2009, the Group has provided Evergrande with more than 300,000 steel wood armored doors, and has cooperated with Evergrande Real Estate in more than 300 properties nationwide. With the rapid development of Evergrande, it signed a 2 billion strategic order with Buyang at the 2017 Evergrande Strategic Partners Summit

Evergrande Group and Buyang Group signed a 5-year $2 billion strategic order

As the world's largest leading door manufacturing and sales enterprise, with the most advanced production lines and the most complete after-sales service network, "China's top 500 real estate partners of choice", "China's top 100 private enterprises manufacturing" and other honors, interpretation of the Group influence in the industry. The strong cooperation with Evergrande is one of the important initiatives of strategic deployment, and both sides will surely welcome a bright future together.

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