Buyang Charity Fund in Action

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2017-08-17

With the belief of "helping every poor student with a dream to fulfill their dreams", Buyang's 10 million public welfare scholarship has persisted for 13 years and helped more than 480 poor students, and we were touched by the field visits. When we walked into the students' homes, we felt that they were too simple, but the walls were full of "three good students" certificates, and we felt their simplicity and kindness, and we also saw that they were very hardworking, and we hoped that the Buyang scholarship would be helpful to them.

In order to achieve accurate identification, Yongkang Daily News and Buyang Group public welfare representatives have conducted serious and meticulous mapping of poor students, and finally determined the students to be supported through multiple verifications by town and street women's federations and villagers' committees as well as field research visits. We will mobilize more caring forces to join the caring activities, bring sincerity and love to more students, and help their dreams.

Today, the 2017 "Buyang Ten Million Public Welfare Fund" is open for registration. In order to let more children do not have the trouble of "going to school", this year's fund is no longer limited to college freshmen, the city's primary and secondary school students in need can apply.

For new college students who need help, please bring your college admission letter, application form (description of the student's diligent study experience and circumstances), and proof of poverty (for local Yongkang students, bring the proof of poverty issued by the village or neighborhood committee in the household registration area, and for children of new Yongkang residents, bring the proof of poverty issued by their parents' business unit); for primary and secondary school students, please bring the application form and proof of poverty to 8890, 2nd floor, Golden Trade Building, Headquarters Center. Convenience Service Center for registration.

Registration is open until August 25, Contact: 87110110 (Ms. Chen).

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