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Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-11-24

Recently, The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information technology announced the "Zhejiang Province sixth batch of big data application demonstration enterprises" evaluation results, after layers of screening and multiple audit, Buyang Group with buyang 5G smart factory and big data application field of practical experience and leading edge, from the many declared projects stand out, successfully selected.

From automation to intelligence, Buyang Group has invested 130 million yuan to build "Buyang 5G Smart Factory" and "Buyang Big Data Center", so that the production mode has a new change. It is the basis of automated production, and the big data networking mode of "5G wireless +5G edge computing + mobile cloud platform" is implanted. By realizing point-to-point communication, device data on the cloud, horizontal multi-business division collaboration and vertical supply chain interconnection, Buyang Group makes 5G-based industrial control interactive operation possible in big data management. At present, buyang big Data Center can collect the data of workshop output, quality, energy consumption, processing accuracy and equipment status in real time, and correlate them with orders, storage and logistics, so as to realize the full traceability and abnormal alarm of production and sales process.

Buyang Big data intelligent command Center

Buyang 5G Smart Factory

Step Xu Buyun chairman, said Yang group has always been to innovation and change as a development strategy for the enterprise concept, will continue to promote the digital, intelligent transformation, giving full play to the advantages of good brand, channel, adhere to the innovation and development, relying on large data, artificial intelligence and other new technology to achieve the transformation and upgrade of the enterprise, do a good job in zhejiang manufacturing demonstration, achieve high quality and sustainable development.

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