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Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2018-05-27

On May 26th, during the 9th China Door Industry Expo, Yongkang Door Industry Association released the "Declaration" of "China's Door City" of a thousand enterprises to focus on quality, brand and integrity. Buyang Group, the president of Yongkang Door Industry Association, actively set an example by launching the Buyang Quality Miles Campaign on the same day, with 100 Buyang quality service vehicles departing from Yongkang Exhibition Center and going to the whole country to visit Buyang's old customers, improve the after-sales service, improve the door industry consumption environment and increase consumer satisfaction.

In recent years, in the context of consumer demand from "price first" to "quality first", Yongkang door enterprises in the rapid development of the same time, is facing a new demand brought about by the upgrading of the consumer structure, new challenges, Yongkang door industry product iteration, quality improvement, channel The requirements of innovation are very urgent. How to adhere to the quality, improve service, lead the demand, and strive to make up for the shortcomings of the enterprise's product quality, process design shortcomings, brand building shortcomings, and make every effort to create a number of core products and fist products in line with market trends and trends, to jointly create a secure consumer environment in the door industry, quality and service to boost consumer confidence and promote the development of the industry has become the consensus of the industry, Yongkang door enterprises have become an urgent problem to be solved.

Yongkang Door Association President, Buyang Group Chairman Xu Buyun proposed that the Yongkang door industry should collectively show the quality card, the use of product innovation, technological innovation, service innovation, management innovation and other initiatives to do the quality of consumer protection and market consumption leader, to promote the overall improvement of the quality of China's door industry. Buyang Group has always taken quality as the life of the enterprise, the first in the national door enterprises to implement quality traceability two-dimensional code, through technological innovation to improve the quality of products.

Buyang's 100 after-sales service vehicles went to the country

This self-initiated quality walk of Buyang Group will start from the end of May to the end of August, lasting for nearly three months. During the three-month visit, the elite backbone of marketing, technology, quality control, manufacturing and after-sales service from Buyang headquarters will be divided into six routes, covering 160 cities in 30 provinces, to go to the front line, through face-to-face communication with customers, listen to their voices, understand their real feelings about the experience of using Buyang products, and collect opinions and suggestions in all aspects. We also took this visit as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with customers, improve the customer satisfaction of the Buyang brand, and make the first shot at the quality improvement project of Yongkang door industry.

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