Buyang Group again after - sales service five - star certification

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2018-08-04

Recently, in the project on the national commodity after-sales service system in the expert group review, step Yang group co., LTD in metal door, wooden doors, steel doors, interior doors, security doors, fire doors, garage door, window and lock the distribution, installation, maintenance services, technical support, complaint handling and after-sales service in the whole process of the corresponding system, content, And the configuration of qualified after-sales service management division, successfully passed the national four major evaluation standards, comprehensive evaluation to reach the "five-star"!

● What is after-sales service certification?

After-sales service certification issued by the Ministry of Commerce, is China's first approved by the state the industry service certification, is the present domestic gold content of the highest service class certification, enterprises need to service certification will be preferred when the commodity after-sales service evaluation system for checking the after-sales service ability of enterprise, make evaluation to the service level.

● What does "five-star after-sales service" mean?

Five stars, the highest rating in after-sales service certification. This means that The after-sales service of Buyang Group has been recognized and affirmed by experts in the after-sales field, which has reached the higher requirements of national standards and achieved the leading position in the industry. This will also spur us to take more aggressive actions to continue to improve our services and provide customers with a better experience.

Buyang Group to "use buyang I rest assured" as the core concept, after-sales service adhering to the "zero distance communication, zero defect service" commitment, for consumers in the purchase of products, buyang Group to continue to enjoy the rapid response, high-quality after-sales service.

First, to establish a fast response customer service center

Buyang Group after-sales service center adopts CRM customer data management system to effectively manage customer orders and provide timely return visits and after-sales services by issuing physical or electronic warranty cards. Open 4001810009 national customer service hotline, and open the network, we media and other customer feedback channels, according to the diversified customer consultation and feedback, close tracking, high efficiency for customers to solve after-sales needs.

Two, the standardization of professional technology delivery team

Buyang Group has established more than 5,800 specialty stores, more than 30 provincial technical service centers and more than 1,000 technical service outlets in China. With standardized image, standardized service and professional skills, buyang Group brings customers complete and satisfactory delivery experience. From receiving orders through the information system, to booking delivery time in advance according to the delivery cycle, from delivery to the completion of installation by professional installation technicians, Buyang Group's integrated technical delivery team carries the last step of realizing user experience, and will also bring consumers the most complete brand value experience.

Three. Carry out national after-sales service activities

Buyang Group has carried out the activities of "Buyang 25th Anniversary - Thanks for your Gold Medal Service China" and "China Door Quality Declaration, Buyang Hundred After-sales Service Vehicles Go to the Country" to build the corporate brand image and create rich brand content with excellent products and quality services. The company has established its brand image and created rich brand content with excellent products and quality services, and served 30 million families and users worldwide with practical actions.

In the future, Buyang Group is committed to let consumers enjoy better service, not only to bring users a product purchase experience comparable to five stars; in the service link, after-sales service will also be fully upgraded to bring a more sustainable extended experience for consumer users.

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