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Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2018-12-08

Art works are combined with security door products

Let industrial products have cultural connotation

Buyang joins Hands with Poly to open the "door" of new collections

At 14:00 on December 7th, Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. and Buyang Group Co., Ltd. reached strategic cooperation in Beijing Four Seasons Hotel, and established "Buyang. Poly art door development center ", specially invite some art masters to participate in the creation of enterprise products, use precious materials in combination with wood carving, copper carving technology, create a series of limited edition and treasure edition "Step Yang master series big house door", and plan to have public auction.

Buyang Group Chairman Xu Buyun, Beijing Poly International Auction Co., LTD. Executive Director Zhao Xu, Gansu Tianqing Group Chairman Han Qing, artist representative Yang Xun attended the ceremony, Buyang Group and Poly Auction signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Zhao Xu, executive director of Beijing Poly International Auction Co., LTD., a non-profit research institute, said the next step is to launch a series of public welfare activities to protect Chinese art treasures through cooperation with Buyang Group. Poly and Buyang Door Industry Research Institute will jointly design a number of art doors, the artistic, security, ventilation and other functions of the door, to meet the needs of domestic grottoes and other outdoor immovable cultural relics units to inherit and protect the Chinese art, and will provide products free of charge.

Xu Buyun, chairman of Buyang Group, said that he hoped to inject industrial products into cultural connotation through the combination of artist's works and security door products, so that we can feel the artisan quality of high-end customized products of the door industry. He said he would sign a dozen famous painter, will present their work in great zhaimen "step Yang master series", according to different style using collectable rare material, has grown two millimeters a style only one door, with poly auction auction regularly, advocating Chinese craftsmen enterprise put forward the concept of "good product, made in China".

The two sides jointly invite major cultural and exhibition units, famous artists and well-known media to witness the auction cooperation ceremony.

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