Spring to send warmth at the end of the needy issue

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2019-01-29

On January 29, 2018, the "Buyang 10 million Public Welfare Fund" was distributed at the end of the year to help the poor. Two hundred poor families from various towns and blocks of the city received "New Year red envelopes". This is the 29th special action of "Buyang 10 million Public Welfare Fund".

Buyang Group vice President Cheng Mingsong handed out "New Year red envelopes"

"I really want to thank the Buyang 10 million Charity Fund. Without this money, I really don't know how TO spend the New Year." Ye Xiangqiu, who lives in Huagjie Town, shed tears of excitement after receiving a public welfare red envelope. Originally, 10 years ago, Ye Xiangqiu's son diabetes complicated uremia and visual impairment, and due to business failure to owe high debt, a major blow makes Ye Xiangqiu's wife suffered from Alzheimer's disease, the burden of the family all fell on the shoulder of the 77-year-old Ye Xiangqiu. 'I haven't bought any new clothes for my family in years,' Ms. Ye said. 'I don't even want to buy melon seeds for Chinese New Year.' Uncle Tong and others from dongcheng Street children's village, after receiving the red envelope, smiled happily, shook the hands of the staff on the spot and kept saying thank you.

Help the objects in an orderly queue to receive red envelopes

"Buyang 10 million Public Welfare Fund" was established in 2005. Year-end poverty assistance and summer education are the two major public welfare activities of the fund every year. The "Fund" has entered its 15th year. So far, it has added laughter to the Spring Festival of 3,000 poor families in the city, and helped 600 poor students pursuing their dreams to realize their dreams.

"Buyang 10 million Public Welfare Fund" at the end of the needy activities

"It is buyang group's social responsibility to cherish public welfare and give back to the society." Buyang Group deputy general manager Cheng Mingsong said, although the money is not much, but also some of the intention of the enterprise, hoping to make these families in need of a peaceful Spring Festival.

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