Chasing The Times, chasing happiness, we work together

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2019-02-03

Dear buyang family,

Happy New Year!

On behalf of Buyang Group, I would like to give my best wishes and most sincere greetings to all the beloved buyang people on the occasion of the upcoming Spring Festival. I wish you a happy New Year and all the best!

In the past year, Buyang people stayed true to their original aspiration and continued to forge ahead. It was a year of harvest: Buyang's tax payment reached 433 million yuan, of which 238 million yuan was paid in Yongkang region, breaking through the highest level in history. Won the "China fire won third prize of science and technology innovation", "step Yang" was rated as "China top 500 most valuable brands", by the Ministry of Science and Technology for the fourth time step rated as high-tech enterprises, advanced water-saving enterprise in zhejiang province, Yang turbine obtained of jinhua city, zhejiang manufacturing certification through, named as zhejiang famous brand, "two combination" advanced enterprises, export enterprises, yongkang door industry leading enterprises, more than one hundred million yuan Environmental protection model enterprise, safety production advanced enterprise.

There are also new breakthroughs in the management mode, the successful holding of the president class of Buyang Business School; The realization of dongyang real estate that year to take the land, the construction, the opening of the new model; Successfully held the 16th Buyang Cultural Festival and sales festival; With the establishment of Buyang Big data Center, informatization construction has reached a new stage. The "intelligent manufacturing unmanned workshop" scheme has entered the implementation stage; Cooperating with the School of Fine Arts of Zhejiang Normal University to establish a RESEARCH and development team composed of Chinese and foreign experts; Established Buyang Poly Art Gate R&D Center in cooperation with Beijing Poly International. Sales nationwide linkage, "wechat blasting" has become a new highlight of Buyang marketing.

In 2019, affected by the global economy, the downward pressure on China's economy will continue to increase, and so will the pressure on our enterprises. It is fair to say that there will be numerous difficulties and pressures. But we are confident enough to meet the challenge.

From quantity to quality, promote enterprise efficiency

Step Yang through 27 years of development, has reached the most youthful period, now step Yang has been the aircraft carrier of China's door industry, how to develop next, is our most important subject. "Only reformers advance, only innovators are strong, and only reform innovators win," Xi said. He gave us guidance of the direction, in the past we seize the opportunity to make the door enterprise bigger, how to continue to develop, I think adhere to reform and innovation, strengthen the door industry, do special industry, do new door industry, this is our new journey in the new era.

First, to change the past is only extensive development ideas, conversion to meet different consumer groups, to meet personalized needs, will be stronger, do special, do new new development ideas.

Second, with the spirit of ingenuity to do a good job in the door, accelerate the enterprise to modern intelligent manufacturing to improve the manufacturing level, accelerate technological innovation process improvement to improve product quality, accelerate the development of high-end art and private custom door research and development, open new space for quality development, produce new benefits.

Third, the quality management system should be innovated. In the process of product production, the quality management system should be further improved. The responsibility should be carried out to workshops, sections and employees, so as to ensure quality improvement and economic benefit growth in the manufacturing process.

Fourth, use Step Yang product quality, service quality to participate in the market competition, the different development period of the society, product quality has different positioning, so our product quality must keep up with the consumer's understanding level. Service quality is the same, in the new era, we must understand how to extend the service for consumers, so that consumers more recognized our brand.

Dear all buyang family, at this moment, I think you and your loved ones together to celebrate the harvest of the year, a total of good luck in the coming year! Buyang on this occasion also presents to you the New Year's greetings: let's chase The Times together, for the development of Buyang, for every buyang family happy life, in the New Year, we work together.

"Buyang's family, good happy life is dry out"!!

Buyang Group Chairman Xu Buyun

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