Step Yang with craftsmanship quality to build a good door

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2019-05-10

May 10, 2019 is the third China Brand Day. The establishment of The Brand Day means that China's brand building has risen to a national height. In the past, foreign brands were rooted in the hearts of consumers, but today, There are many well-known brands in China that can represent "China and the world", and Buyang is one of them.

As a leading enterprise in the door industry, Step Yang has already walked in the forefront of The Times, in the development of the creation of a dedicated to the people to achieve a better life of the Chinese brand, and achieved excellent results in different market segments, for thousands of households to send a safe, intelligent, fast step Yang door.

Since the release of the sixth generation of buyang intelligent door in 2016, Buyang Group has always led China's door industry with innovation and wisdom. And passed the certification of "made in zhejiang" at the same time, the intelligent science and technology as the core of step Yang smart door lock, also continues to subvert the traditional research and design of original modular integration chip technology, automation control technology such as intelligent environment recognition and application of Internet technology such as remote control, which is in the leading position in the industry.

In the 27 years of development, Buyang Group has always been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, with the brand to help better life, only to provide consumers with higher quality of life enjoyment. Brand is strong, then the country is strong, Buyang has been playing a leading role in brand, establish independent brand consumer confidence, in the road to do a good brand story do not forget the original heart, forge ahead!

"Chinese brands, shared by the world", as the third "Chinese Brands Day" approaches, China also welcomes more and more quality brands. Buyang in the wave of national brand upgrading, with super strong quality, walk in the forefront of the industry. As the largest security gate production base in The country, Buyang Group won the honorary title of Jinhua Top Ten Industrial Enterprises in 2019, and was awarded the Golden Lion award by Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and Government. Its international, young and scientific brand image is getting more and more popular among consumers.

In the future, Buyang Group will continue to carry forward the traditional brand strength, take the national strategy as the development direction, take the consumer's trust as the power, will be more intelligent, better quality products to users, let the world fall in love with Chinese brand wisdom!

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