Step Yang art door pats a day price of 1.1 million yuan I auction the first door or frame break through million in Beijing poly auction on the hammer

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2019-06-05

Poly auction site in Beijing

On the evening of April 4, at the poly auction site in Beijing, a lot caused a lot of shock, which was amazing. The auction is not jewelry jade, nor is the master left landscape calligraphy and painting, but a "step Yang art big house".

Three hundred thousand, five hundred thousand, six hundred thousand... Bid the ceaselessly raise card, as the auctioneer's "hammer down the final sound", "step Yang door" first boarded the auction stage namely clinch a deal with the price of 1.1 million yuan, broke the price of the door product of the domestic market "upper limit".

The buyang Gate sold for 1.1 million yuan when it first hit the auction block

In consumer heart, the price of average door is ten thousand a door frame has been very great, so what appearance is the door of value ten thousand yuan after all? The reporter understands, this door or frame door is the work that many artistic master leans force to cooperate, also be "door of big house of series of master of step Yang" in set limit treasure edition. This is door or frame "big house door" use precious lumber to make, door body is composed by two parts: on the part among engrave Ming dynasty whole body xiu red paint hang screen, on the make of hang screen, with modelling vigorous and sedate, adornment richly elaborate, craft technology is exquisite and call, periphery will foil with 10 thousand word case. The lower part of the "Romance of The Three Kingdoms" carved "Dongwu call for relatives" pattern, the whole door up and down patterns echo, with rigorous mortise and tenon structure production, exquisite workmanship, stable atmosphere, has a high appreciation value and collection value.

"Door of big house of series of great master of step Yang" medium set limit treasure to collect edition

Great zhaimen "step Yang master series" design creative director Hu Jinkui is introduced, the auction of "entrance" the essence lies in the design of the hanging panel, this wall hanging full-bodied red paint and casing outside fuels the best lines, screen heart positive number crunchers characters, the distant hills, sorrowing ethereal, the sky clouds, such as belt, waves vast and mountain peak in the mountains, towering ancient pine trees, green. Near and far pavilions, simple and quiet, small Bridges and water, do not have fun. Full shop brocade, relief figures, pavilions, pine stones, auspicious clouds, all the faces of the people dressed in meticulous portrayal, pavilions on the house tiles are also vivid performance, visible its work, the picture layout is rigorous and there are laws. The hanging screen began in the Ming Dynasty, because of a variety of precious materials, craft in a suit, known for its exquisite and colorful contemporary. So Gao Lian in "Zunsheng eight notes" ever praised: "its cost idea this, for a generation of the absolute." The royal life of yonggan and Yonggan dynasties was luxurious, and such gorgeous products were loved by the royal family and became important decorative items in the court of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. and Buyang Group Co., Ltd. are reaching strategic cooperation

At the end of last year, Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. and Buyang Group Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation in Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, and established "Buyang. Poly art gate development center ", specially invited some art masters to participate in the creation of enterprise products, using precious materials combined with wood carving, copper carving technology, to create a series of limited edition "Step Yang master series big house door", and public auction.

The auction "entrance" is the center of the fusion of art and industrial products in a body's masterpiece, with rare materials, master of traditional culture and technology created a domestic industry from the industrial to collect art across the precedent, carry forward the national excellent traditional artistic treasures at the same time, meet the needs of personalization high-end consumption upgrade.

"Step Yang master series big house door" video

Buyang Group chairman Xu Buyun said, through the combination of artist's works and security door products, the industrial products into cultural connotation, to achieve high-end customized products artisan quality. At present, "door of big house of series of great master of step Yang" use the rare material that has collect value to pledge in the light of different design, a design produces door or frame only, pass auction with poly regular auction, advocate Chinese craftsman enterprise puts forward "good product, China is made" concept.

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