CCTV + high-speed rail + service car Buyang 2019 super brand promotion

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2019-06-17

Buyang 2019 brand new upgrade

Quality and service go hand in hand

CCTV + high-speed rail + service car

In 2019,

Step Yang with unprecedented publicity efforts

CCTV advertisement upgrades again

Simultaneous naming of 10 high-speed trains - Buyang Safety gate number

Bring top exposure.

More than 2,600 after-sales service vehicles have been launched on a quality journey

Let customers rest assured with quality service

Step Yang join CCTV finance

Watch China's economy with you

In order to enhance the brand awareness and reputation of Buyang

2019 Buyang brand first

Step Yang group and CCTV strategic cooperation

The first round of buyang advertisements in 2019 has begun to be broadcast in turn on CCTV 1, CCTV 2 and CCTV 4

"With The step Yang, I rest assured" advertising language in-depth thousands of households

Build the brand, achieve the dream

Buyang Group CCTV advertising

As a strategic cooperative brand of CCTV

2019 Buyang Group

At a higher frequency

Multi-channel simultaneous hot broadcast

Through the coverage of the CCTV media rolling broadcast

Buyang Bullet train

Travel around China with you

As China's new name card, high-speed rail has become the first choice for Chinese people to travel, with more than 1 billion high-speed rail passengers every year. The cooperation between Buyang brand and high-speed railway is a strong combination of high-end, enhanced coverage and in-depth interactive experience. Every day, hundreds of millions of target audiences will get to know Buyang through the high-speed railway platform, and the brand communication will enter the high-speed development track.

In 2019, Buyang Group entered the major high-speed railway stations in China, covering 60 high-speed railway stations in the first and second tier cities across the country, covering 200 large LED advertising screens. The media strategy of multi-point and multi-screen is adopted to fully control the core areas of people coming and going in and out of high-speed railway stations in first-tier and second-tier cities in China to maximize brand communication. Buyang Group can be seen in most high-speed railway stations in China's first and second tier cities.

The high intensity of continuous exposure of high-speed railway advertising not only improves the overall image and influence of Buyang brand in the whole country, but also better transmits the concept of "with Buyang, I feel at ease" to consumers. As the innovator of Chinese door industry, through many years of efforts, the enterprise has achieved rapid development, but also showed the brand image of step Yang door safety and trust.

Buyang security gate number high-speed train started

Buyang after-sales service car

With over 30 million families at all times

Buyang after-sales service car

With over 30 million families at all times

More than 2600 Buyang after-sales service vehicles

More than 10,000 after-sales service personnel must be at your side

Thanks to the choice of 30 million families around the world

Quality is fundamental, service is the purpose. In order to better serve the vast number of consumers, Buyang Group since 2003 to carry out the national quality service bank, has invested more than 2600 after-sales service cars sent to the country, return visit Buyang old customers, improve the service system, do a good job for old customers, strict quality control, with the service to benefit hundreds of millions of consumers.

Service is not a slogan, service needs us to use practical action to achieve. Always put the interests of the majority of consumers in the first place, from product research and development, production, transportation to after-sales, and strive to ensure every detail, to create high-quality service experience, truly achieve "with Buyang, I rest assured".

Buyang Group adhere to the craftsmanship of every door or frame

"Quality + brand" double product strategy

Buyang Group has not forgotten its original aspiration for 27 years

Stick to the brand concept of "using Buyang, I rest assured"

Brand promotion efforts continue to voice

Create a new image of "great power brand" in the new era

At the same time, in their own product research and development

Actively respond to the national strategy of "three transformations"

Down-to-earth seek development, continuous innovation to find breakthroughs

Realize the transformation and upgrading of product technology

Door frames are built with ingenuity

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