Warmly celebrate the selection of Xu Buyun, chairman of Buyang Group, as

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2019-09-25

On September 24, municipal Propaganda Department, Municipal United Front Work Department, Yongkang Daily jointly launched the Yongkang United Front "ten most beautiful United Front figures" selection and award activities. Buyang Group chairman Xu Buyun selected yongkang United front "ten most beautiful united Front figures".

In recent years, Yongkang united front firmly grasp the theme of unity, unity, adhere to the original aspiration, maintain the core, stick to the center of the circle, cohesion, service center, in order to boost the yongkang economic and social high-quality development condensed the most extensive strength, draw the largest and most beautiful concentric circle. In order to further play the exemplary and leading role of advanced models in the united front, we should explore advanced models, tell good united Front stories, pool our strength and release the "most beautiful effect". Yongkang United Front "ten most beautiful united Front figures" tree selection activity, produced "the most beautiful united Front figures" 10, "excellent united Front figures" 17, they are the yongkang City united front stem in practice, walk in the forefront, brave leader of The Times.

As the helmsman of Buyang Group, Chairman Xu Buyun insists on the life creed of "honesty is the root and people-oriented". While moving forward steadily, he always keeps in mind his commitment to users and makes good products, but also environmental products. Do not forget to give back to the society, a variety of public welfare activities have been buyang figure.

Since 2005, Xu Buyun, chairman of the board of directors, invested 20 million yuan and co-founded the "Buyang 10 million public welfare fund" with Yongkang Daily. For the purpose of helping the poor, the fund set up projects such as "realizing the dream of university" and "enabling people in need to live a better Year", and still carries out relief activities every year.

Over the past 15 years, nearly 600 college freshmen have benefited from the program. In addition, Buyang Group has set up a scholarship fund of 8 million yuan in Zhejiang Normal University. Establishing two Hope primary schools in Xinjiang; In wenchuan earthquake, qinghai mudslide and other geological disasters, Buyang Group is always the first to lend a helping hand.

In order to continue to do public welfare undertakings, Buyang Group also specially designed the "Buyang Ten million public welfare Fund" logo, the background is the dandelion and a red heart floating in the wind, now, "Buyang ten million public welfare Fund" advocate the spirit of love like dandelion, sowing and spreading everywhere.

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