The 17th Buyang Cultural Festival was successfully held

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2019-11-02

On October 26, the 17th Buyang Cultural Festival gala was held in the headquarters of Buyang Group. Nearly 300 first-level dealers from all over the world attended the summit event. The theme of the conference is "Innovation · Empowerment", through new models, new thinking, new methods, new marketing to shape the new advantages of the industry ecology, promote high-quality development of enterprises.

Buyun Xu, chairman of Buyang Group, delivered a speech

On the scene of the 17th Buyang Cultural Festival party, in addition to the strategic cooperation with South Korea Samsung enterprise smart lock project, but also launched the buyang Group acquired the German brand SMIED top luxury products and the second generation of card, household products, many high-end new products to the majority of dealers greater confidence, At the same time also represents the buyang Group to the internationalization and diversification of the development of a solid step.

Buyang Group acquired German brand SMIED

Buyang Group and South Korea Samsung Group smart lock project to achieve strategic cooperation

Meeting, group chairman Xu Buyun said that in order to adapt to the new normal economy, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, increase the intelligent household products development, building intelligent manufacturing industrial park, yongkang city by the letter with the bureau, China telecom set up step 5 g Yang wisdom factory demonstration as an opportunity to use the Internet of things, big data, intelligent robot and intelligent equipment and other strategic emerging industries, In the factory construction, product structure and other aspects of optimization and promotion, effectively promote the rapid development of intelligent security door industry.

The party on

Party program "Reward"

Evening show "Song of The Sun"

Dance "China Red Step Yang Hong"

Most of the programs of the cultural festival gala are "Buyang people", showing the vigorous spirit of buyang people. The party continued with the chorus of all staff "Buyang Staff song". Opening dance "China red step Yang Hong" to express the blessings of the motherland 70 years of birthday, because of the prosperity and strength of the country, just have the development of today's Step Yang; The allegro dance kua Buyang expresses the praise of buyang's achievements in 27 years and the joy of the 17th cultural Festival.

Steel door division program

All singing "Me and my Country"

Steel door business unit sketch "always ready" vividly reflects the company in this year's production tasks so busy, in the quality of strict control, excellence, overtime to each door to the hands of consumers. The interactive singing "I and my motherland I and my Buyang" reflects all buyang people as a family, a family, we work hard together to create a better life.

At the sales meeting of the 17th Buyang Cultural Festival, Chairman Xu Buyun listened to the marketing work report of the first three quarters of the group, the advanced marketing experience shared by regional managers and outstanding agents, and commended the outstanding marketing personnel with outstanding performance.

Chairman Xu Buyun commended outstanding employees

Cultural festival sales meeting site

Step Yang lucky door hit golden egg activity

Step Yang group after 27 years of efforts, formed by fire doors, security door, interior wooden door, steel wood armored doors, high-end aluminum industry explosion-proof, smart door locks for core pattern of six major industries, currently has production bases in zhejiang, shandong, sichuan, 15 wholly-owned subsidiary, 30 members holding enterprises, more than 800 cooperative enterprises and more than 5000 monopoly stores, Our products sell well in more than 70 countries and regions. It has realized the transition from product management to brand management and from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

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