Hello, 2020! Buyang Group pursues your dream hand in hand

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-01-01

New Year message from Xu Buyun, chairman of Buyang Group

Review 2019, look ahead to 2020

Under the guidance of chairman Xu Buyun's five new strategic thoughts

Under the joint efforts of all buyang people

Step Yang to achieve production, sales and tax hit a record high

The layout of the country's four major production bases is improving

Buyang 5G smart factory put into operation

The group has stepped into the era of 5G intelligent manufacturing

Successfully acquired The German brand SIMED

The group has always been "with the step Yang I rest assured" development concept

For the people's growing needs for a better life

To provide safe, intelligent, assured products and a full range of services

Buyang Spring Mobilization meeting held grandly

In February 2019, Buyang Group held a grand Mobilization meeting for the New Year, and the group made production and sales targets for 2019. Chairman Xu proposed that this year is "the year of data, the year of innovation, the year of service". All Buyang people should strive for the goal of the New Year.

The 17th Buyang marketing seminar was held smoothly

In March 2019, the 17th Buyang Marketing Seminar was successfully held. This marketing seminar was divided into 12 sub-sessions and more than 3,000 Buyang dealers participated in it. National distributors analyze the sales situation this year and discuss marketing countermeasures.

Buyang Group was named "Jinhua Top Ten Industrial Enterprises"

On April 30, 2019, Jinhua Industrial Conference was held in the city culture Center, and Buyang Group was named "Jinhua Top Ten Industrial Enterprises" and was pleased to win the "Golden Lion Award".

Buyang's first 5G intelligent manufacturing production line was officially launched

Step on May 26, 2019, Yang group and huawei, yongkang, zhejiang branch, China telecom branch signed the agreement of technical cooperation strategy, announced the official launch of 5 g Internet intelligent plant project, the launch of the first 5 g intelligent manufacturing production line, which means that the industrial Internet application based on 5 g "step 5 g Yang wisdom factory" into production formally.

At 11:02 on May 26, Jin Zheng, secretary of Yongkang Municipal Party Committee, used huawei mate20X 5G mobile phone to make the first 5G video phone call in Yongkang city before stamping sheet metal experiment line in Buyang Group intelligent workshop.

Jin Zheng, secretary of yongkang Municipal Party Committee, made yongkang's first 5G phone call in Buyang

1.1 million! Bid for a suite with a door or two

In June 2019, at the auction site held by Beijing Poly Auction Co., LTD., a security door produced by Buyang Group was constantly bid by bidders. After more than half an hour of fierce competition, the final clinch a deal fixed for 1.1 million yuan. 1.1 million! Bid for a suite with a door or two.

The "Buyang Safety Gate" high-speed train officially started

Leading the new era of door industry, "Buyang Safety Gate number" high-speed train officially set off, Buyang Group has become the first category brand in the industry to reach deep cooperation with China's high-speed railway. Through the perfect platform construction of China's high-speed railway, channel sharing has been realized, and successfully opened the brand strategic layout radiating to the whole country.

The second president Class of Buyang Business School was held

In July 2019, in order to "explore the new thinking, new era of cooperation experience all new channel marketing strategy" as the theme of the second step Yang business school class held ceremoniously, President, chairman Xu Buyun with sales department, industry research institute, 26 office managers and all over the country more than 200 outstanding dealers around the "explore new ideas, new era of cooperation Experience the new strategy of omni-channel marketing "marketing seminar.

Jinhua Party secretary Chen Longlai Buyang Group research

In August 2019, jinhua municipal party committee secretary of Jackie chan, accompanied by the central party school leaders to step Yang group headquarters, the company production and operation status and research development projects, the step Jackie chan encouraged Yang people to speed up the "wisdom" plant construction, promote the development of enterprise quality, strive to become a leading industry of the country's best benchmarking enterprises.

Led by Su Bomin, vice president of Dunhuang Academy, and Poly Auction, the Dunhuang art Grottoes door developed by Buyang Group was successfully developed and installed in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.

Group chairman Xu Buyun was selected as "Ten most beautiful United Front figures" of Yongkang United Front

In September 2019, the Propaganda Department of Yongkang Municipal Party Committee, the United Front Work Department of Yongkang Municipal Party Committee and Yongkang Daily jointly carried out the selection and award ceremony of "Ten Most Beautiful United Front Figures" of Yongkang United Front. Group chairman Xu Buyun selected yongkang United front "ten most beautiful united Front figures".

The 10th General Meeting of Jinhua Enterprise Association, Jinhua Entrepreneur Association and outstanding entrepreneur commendation conference were held grandly in Jinhua. Xu Buyun, chairman of the group, was elected as the 10th executive president of Jinhua Enterprise Association and won the 2019 Jinhua Outstanding Entrepreneur (Golden Ox Award).

Chairman Xu was elected executive chairman of Jinhua Enterprise Association

The 17th Buyang Cultural Festival was held

On the evening of October 26, 2019, the 17th Buyang Cultural Festival performance was held in the factory area of the company. More than 20 programs, such as skits, songs and dances, poems and songs, chorus and melodrama, were wonderful. With laughter, singing and dancing, more than 5000 Buyang people and more than 300 dealers from all over the country gathered together and spent an unforgettable cultural feast.

In the 2019 Buyang Group dealer Summit, nearly 300 dealers from all over the country to discuss the national sales situation in 2019, overfulfilled the sales task of 2019, strive hard for the brilliant dream of buyang for one hundred years.

On the scene of the 17th Buyang Cultural Festival party, the group successfully acquired the German brand SMIED, which also means that Buyang has taken a solid step towards internationalization and diversification.

The group successfully acquired The German brand SMIED

On the 17th step Yang festival, with samsung group information technology services (Beijing) co., LTD., in the smart project reached a strategic partnership, both sides will be based on the strategic collaborative and the degree of mutual trust, further clear and strengthen step in Yang smart series, the respect such as the Internet of things technology cooperation, actively expand, including step Yang smart locks, wisdom, industry chain, business cooperation.

The group has reached strategic cooperation with Samsung of Korea

Buyang golden gate (Kremlin) grand launch.

Zhang Qunhuan visited the group to carry out thematic education and "three services" activities

In November 2019, Zhang Qunhuan, deputy Secretary of Yongkang Municipal Party Committee and acting Mayor, visited the Group to carry out thematic education and "three services" activities, hoping that Buyang Group would strive to build itself into a "world-class leading enterprise in door industry".

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