All production workshops of the group have resumed work, and leaders at all levels have come to Buyang to carry out heart-warming

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-03-05

Recently, Jinhua Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Chen Lingling, Yongkang Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Zhang Qunhuan and other leaders respectively went to Buyang Group to carry out the "three services" activity, to understand the epidemic prevention and production resumption of enterprises, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, to ensure that epidemic prevention and production resumption of both hands, both to win.

Jinhua Deputy party secretary Chen Lingling

Be the vanguard and do a good job in epidemic prevention and resumption of production

On March 4, Jinhua Municipal Party committee deputy Secretary Chen Lingling to Step Yang to carry out "three services" activities said: Step Yang is a large enterprise, the resumption of work in front of the city, it is not easy, step Yang for the fight against the epidemic initiative to donate millions of, is a responsibility to bear the love of the enterprise! Look at your scientific and technological progress, I believe that Under the concern of Yongkang Municipal Party Committee and government, buyang will tide over the immediate difficulties, as a good industry vanguard! Jinhua municipal Party committee member, Yongkang Municipal Party committee secretary Jin Zheng and other leaders, group chairman Xu Buyun accompanied the investigation!

Jinhua municipal Party committee deputy secretary Chen Lingling to Buyang to carry out "three services" activities

Yongkang Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary, mayor Zhang Qunhuan

"Opportunities" in the crisis, new "opportunities" to achieve new development

On March 3, yongkang, vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor Zhang Qunhuan vice mayor Lv Qunyong lead the administration of the "three services" step to Yang group research guidance to understand group and epidemic prevention, resume production, and so on and so forth, and visit the enterprise production workshop, Yang steamship company, ask for details of companies to return to work and production situation and the main difficulties they faced, and make sure that the epidemic prevention and rehabilitation two hands hard. We must be firm in our efforts to achieve the goal of "winning both battles", and make every effort to prevent and control the epidemic. We must seize no time to promote the resumption of work and production, plan for the production and operation of the whole year, and strive to "overtake at bends" and minimize the impact of the epidemic. We should pay attention to research and development, innovation, intelligent transformation and other aspects, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, seize the opportunity, the more enterprises do stronger! Xu Buyun, chairman of the group, led the heads of various departments to accompany the investigation.

Xu Buyun, chairman of the group, led the heads of various departments to accompany the investigation

The resumption of work will be carried out in an orderly manner

In view of the government's series of "enterprise benefit" policies during the epidemic, leaders at all levels of the three service activities for enterprises to resume work and production, buyang door industry, steam wheel, intelligent lock production orderly advance. At present, buyang sales team and overseas branch personnel have all in place, Buyang steam turbine production resumption rate of 95%, has realized the full resumption of production, door industry production resumption rate of 80%, through a variety of channels has nearly 2000 employees back to work, the production workshop has resumed work.

Buyang production workshop resumption ceremony

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