Li Weining, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, encouraged Buyang to give full play to its role as a representative and gather powerful forces for development

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-11-12

On November 10th, Li Weining, deputy director of the Standing Committee of zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, visited Buyang Group for investigation, accompanied by Chen Lingling, deputy secretary of Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of The Municipal People's Congress, Zhang Xusheng, Secretary of Yongkang Municipal Party Committee, and Xu Buyun, chairman of the Group.

Chairman Xu Buyun introduces SMIED products to Li Weining

Xu Buyun chairman to Li Weining line are introduced in detail, director of the group of industry planning, circular economy, and the product layout, etc., group will focus on "product + design + culture", "products" "products + new material" "product + smart" "product + services" aspects, through the product upgrade continuously improve product added value and market share, Buyang has 6 series of +SMIED products. In the past two years, buyang's competitiveness and brand influence have been enhanced through market adjustment and brand upgrading of specialty stores. Director Li Weining praised the group's "smart factory" and "6+1" strategic pattern of Buyang products.

Li Weining through buyang big data to understand the production and operation of Buyang

In buyang big data Center, Li Weining and his party through big data analysis detailed understanding of the group in operation and production, warehousing and logistics, safety and environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, the application practice of buyang intelligent manufacturing transformation, and affirmed the achievements of buyang intelligent manufacturing. He said that the enterprise is an important force for economic and social development, Buyang should further strengthen the confidence of development, continue to promote digital and intelligent transformation, give full play to their own brand, channel advantages, to achieve high quality, sustainable development goals.

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