Buyang SMIED high-end custom door, priced from 30,000 yuan, with intelligence, aesthetic interpretation of luxury door customization trend

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-04-10

April 10, Buyang Group officially launched the SMIED series of high-end custom doors, the market starting price of 30,000 yuan. In the new product channel signing conference on the same day, dealers from 27 provinces signed the first contract, and it is expected to take three years to complete the construction of sales channels in provincial capitals and regional cities.

SMIED Strategy (China) Channel Partner signing ceremony

As a German door brand, SMIED has strong technical support in the safety structure of luxury products and hardware accessories. After the holding cooperation of Buyang Group, the brand series products have been comprehensively upgraded, breaking the traditional thinking limits, digging new consumer demand, and interpreting the personalized customization trend of luxury door from the perspectives of innovation, intelligence, aesthetics and so on.

Visit the SMIED Exhibition Hall

SMIED products T copper series, for example, the series of products by the Italian designer to be a partner with master of China arts and crafts, research and development for 10 months, blended in the most popular in Chinese traditional aesthetics "tree" "water" grain design elements, quality and exquisite craft security architecture in Germany on the basis of the combination of good tripod for skill builders handmade craft, And the selection of high quality copper plate and other symbolic elements of The Chinese mansion, can be called the fusion of Germany, Italy, China's top luxury craft and Oriental aesthetics of the highest realm of the peak.

Explain the decoration of SMIED exhibition hall

Not only that, Buyang Group also brand terminal store image of a new upgrade, with a completely new attitude, shaping a new user experience, interpretation of the modern luxury trend and contemporary customer needs of a deep understanding.
As a customized product for high-end groups, SMIED series is the strategic key to optimize and upgrade the product structure of Buyang Group. Through the SMIED series, Buyang Group in the field of customized door development strategy outline visible: from the grasp of high-end consumers, top-down conduct buyang high-end customized door culture, and then expand the influence of the brand in the market, create a new pattern of customized products for different consumer groups in the market.

SMIED series product explanation

Buyang Group chairman Xu Buyun said that product leading, brand driven, omni-channel management is the development strategy of Buyang, product is the first. "In the future, our products will be developed around the three dimensions of safety, intelligence and aesthetics, and will bring consumers more and more good products with high appearance level, full of design sense, which can not be rejected." Xu Buyun said.

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