Buyang Group 2020 quality journey officially launched

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-04-23

On April 22, Buyang Group Chairman Xu Buyun awarded the banner of the quality Thousand Miles campaign to Xu Xianyong, general manager of henan Branch. Nearly 200 Buyang national after-sales service cars in Henan left for the province, which marked the official launch of buyang Group's 2020 national quality thousand miles campaign. Buyang Group will invest a special fund of 200 million yuan to maintain and repair buyang products of about 6 million households, and bring quality service experience to customers.

This activity will provide service maintenance and security upgrade subsidies to old customers of Buyang, which is the largest customer return visit service in the industry. The background of this activity is that after the comprehensive victory of epidemic prevention, Buyang Group took the lead in responding to the feedback of new and old users.

Buyang Quality Journey will be fully launched on April 22, 2020, and the first stage of consumer return visit will end on June 30, lasting more than 60 days. The participants of this activity include all the marketing and service personnel of Buyang Group. Buyang Group will send 3,500 engineers/time and use 1,520 national after-sale service cars, covering more than 1,000 cities across the country with a journey of 200,000 kilometers. The event will maintain and overhaul buyang products in about 6 million households, benefiting Buyang customers across the country.

Buyang Group will adhere to the service concept of "using Buyang I rest assured", fully understand the actual needs of customers, and constantly improve the satisfaction and trust of customers in the industry. At the same time, this customer service model into a system, for The sales of Buyang Group to provide strong support and promote, truly reflects the "service to create value" concept.

Buyang Group has always paid attention to the construction of its own service brand, and to let customers "with Buyang I rest assured" for the service concept, the practice of safety door industry leading enterprises for consumers solemn commitment and social responsibility. Continuous years of large-scale customer return activities, not only enhanced the core competitiveness of Buyang Group, but also won the recognition of customers and the industry.

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