Zhang Xinyu, vice mayor of Jinhua, visited Buyang and participated in the jinhua entrepreneurs exchange symposium of

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-05-29

On May 28, Jinhua Vice Mayor Zhang Xinyu led a team to Buyang Group for investigation and guidance and participated in the Jinhua entrepreneurs exchange symposium "Walk into Buyang, see and learn from each other". Chairman Xu Buyun and Jinhua entrepreneurs Chairman unit accompanied the investigation.

Jinhua vice mayor Zhang Xinyu to Buyang Group research

Zhang xy a line first step to Yang group wisdom factory, visit the exhibition hall, large data command center, intelligent workshop, about 5 g technology in the transformation and upgrading of enterprise operation and development, and participate in the jinhua in step Yang group enterprise confederation, jinhua entrepreneurs association "go progress Yang, to learn and see each other entrepreneurs communication forums.

Zhang xy step for Yang group 5 g technology support thumb up intelligent manufacture of the construction of the ecological system, and message of jinhua entrepreneurs who want to develop new era entrepreneur spirit, certain direction, grasp the development trend, dare to innovation, the courage to change, constantly improve the ability to resist risk, and stressed that the entrepreneur is the creator of the market is the market, As the source of vitality for reform and innovation and the pillar of economic development, government departments must sincerely respect, care for, love and serve entrepreneurs.

Visit science and technology Museum, big data center and smart factory of Buyang Group

In the jinhua entrepreneurs communication meeting, chairman xu for how to promote normalized epidemic prevention and control under the background of enterprise development, combined with the step Yang how to do a good job in product innovation, brand building, and the Internet era of big data to the enterprise plays the role of topics such as spoke, meeting also communication two jobs at the same time, the symposium held to create a good development environment for the jinhua enterprise, We will play a positive role in promoting the development of Jinhua enterprises.

Participated in jinhua entrepreneur seminar

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