2020 -- The third President Class of Buyang Business School was successfully held

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-08-12

On August 11, 2020, the third president Class of Buyang Business School was held in Yiwu Happy Lake International Convention Center with the theme of "Braving the wind and waves and winning 2020". Chairman of the group, sales managers of national branches and national core dealers attended the training.

Conference, Xu Buyun chairman from the economic situation, industry development, sales and corporate management, and other multidimensional summarized, he points out that in the first half of the affected by the epidemic, many companies struggling, facing these pressures, in all the step Yang people's joint efforts, the company has been a steady rise in sales, the result obtained is dependent on the frontline sales staff of hard work and diligence

Outlook in the second half, chairman xu combination step after the outbreak of the era of market changes on Yang marketing mode to continuous innovation, in the second half, the group will continue to expand investment, contrarian in production, scientific research and innovation, channel distribution, brand investment and so on various aspects strength speed, especially SMIED series of national strategic layout, dealers should seize the opportunity to embrace the market innovation, Realize the brand value upgrade, hope that step Yang dealers to work together, live up to The Times, step Yang bigger and stronger.

Group sales leaders also sorted out the overall operation of Buyang in the first half of 2020, and put forward future strategic planning, clear strategies and goals for the second half of 2020, and explained in detail the strategic advantages and service advantages of Buyang Group, which effectively enhanced the confidence of dealers. Then, the excellent regional manager shared the market situation, talked with the data, put forward new requirements for high-end SMIED stores, how to make the market in this area thorough, hit the explosion, shared the regional collective procurement and marketing promotion.

This time, the business School also invited professor Liu Chunxiong, deputy editor-in-chief of "Sales and Marketing", to give a professional lecture on "how to make a thorough market and blow up a region".

Buyang Business School president class has been successfully held for three sessions, always to create ten million business as the training goal, new vision, new thinking, new pattern, new realm and new value orientation, Chairman Xu said That Buyang Business School should have continuous innovation marketing concept, through training and sharing, promote and lead the development of the industry.

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