Yongkang Municipal Party secretary Zhang Xusheng to Buyang research pointed out that Buyang to create the city's economic development

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-09-02

On September 2, yongkang ZhangXuSheng secretary of municipal party committee and other leaders step line Yang group research guidance, accompanied by Xu Buyun chairman, visited step steps Yang science and technology museum, Yang big data center, Yang factory automatic production line, the wisdom to understand step Yang in the first half of the development situation, technological innovation and strategic layout planning.

Yongkang Municipal Party secretary Zhang Xusheng to buyang research

Xu, chairman of the step to introduce chapter secretary Yang especially during the first half of the disease during the initiative to adapt to market changes, looking in the crisis, through the market, grasp the production, innovation and a series of measures, especially the national step Yang marketing meeting in April steps, Yang quality journey and August Yang, President of the class and so on a series of marketing the new action, through the efforts of all step Yang family, In the first half of the year, compared with the same period, the production and sales value has achieved a contrarian growth.

Visit science and technology Museum, big data center and smart factory of Buyang Group

Chapter step on Yang's achievements in the first half of 2020, secretary of thumb up, he encouraged step Yang to continue to maintain the market innovation, sharp thinking and tentacles, must strengthen the research and development input and technological innovation, do fine products, make the market further and stronger brand, expanding industry chain, enhance the value chain, improve market share and business voice, To achieve its own high-quality development, and boost the sustainable and healthy economic development of the city. He pointed out that Yang will continue to be a good step vanguard, and continue to firmly based on its main business, and stronger industry, better play to the leading driving, leading backbone, industry radiation, the role of technology demonstration, to create private economic development of the city and even the whole "important window", a new era, new opportunities, step Yang to continue could lead to new developments in the industry.

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