Zhejiang Province executive Vice Governor Feng Fei encouraged Buyang to continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, from

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2020-09-03

On September 3 in the afternoon, executive vice governor of zhejiang province in jinhua city vice mayor Mr. Feng line Yu Liang, yongkang city municipal party committee secretary zheng ZhangXuSheng Xu Buyun yongkang city mayor Zhang Qunhuan, step, Yang group chairman of the board of directors, etc., accompanied by, investigation research step Yang group, understand step Yang group operating status, technological innovation, and the next step of strategic planning, At the same time, suggestions and solutions are put forward to improve the speed and efficiency of enterprise development.

Zhejiang Province executive vice - governor Feng Fei to buyang investigation

After visiting Buyang Science and technology Museum, Buyang intelligent products exhibition hall, Buyang big data center and Buyang smart factory, Vice governor Feng Fei heard Chairman Xu introduce the culture of the door, the story of the door, a door can be customized through the use of a variety of materials on the surface and the introduction of high-end products SMIED series cooperation with Germany, Step Yang in recent years to control the market demand and product technology research and development innovation, and establish step Yang characteristics of research and development route (Step Yang Research Institute) and the practice of enterprise competitiveness is highly recognized, do the door has a "story", do the door to understand the "door", and hope that Step Yang continue to carry forward, excellence.

Vice Governor Feng fei said that Buyang's ability to recover and exceed pre-epidemic production and sales level at the fastest pace in the post-epidemic stage fully reflects the company's ability to respond positively to market crises.

Finally encouraging step, vice governor of feng fei Yang group to further implement the general secretary xi important speech spirit, continue to "+ + technology +, service, quality, culture +, + innovation" as the gripper, seize the opportunity to do research and development, market, Yang has six big series + SMIED products, to firmly grasp the market initiative, voice, and message step Yang to do more and more strong, From "Made in China" to "smart made in China", "Created in China".

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