Year-end poverty assistance from the Buyang 10 million Charity Fund was distributed

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-02-04

On February 4th, spring was melting and the sun was shining. In jinmao Plaza, the headquarters center, buyang 10 million Public Welfare Fund 2020 final poverty relief fund distribution activities as promised. At the event, each family in need of help was given a red envelope of 1000 yuan, so that they could have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival.

"Thank you so much indeed! I don't know what to say, thank you!" Ms. Cheng, from Qiaoxia South Village, Longshan Town, was moved to tears after receiving the red envelope from Cheng Mingsong, deputy general manager of Buyang Group. Her husband died of liver failure last June, her father-in-law has throat cancer, her mother-in-law has bile duct stones and she has a son and 3-year-old daughter in high school to support. The whole family in order to give her husband treatment, owe more than 90 thousand yuan of debt, rely on her a person to work income is meager. "With the help of buyang 10 million Charity Fund, I can buy some new goods for my family and a new dress for my child." Ms. Cheng said gratefully.

Mr. Li, 82, from Qiancang Town, smiled happily as he received the red envelope, shook hands with the staff on site and kept saying thank you. His wife suffered a stroke not long ago, and the charity money made him feel warm. At the event site, red envelopes were distributed in an orderly manner, blessings flowed through our hearts, and we thanked each other for their warmth.

"Buyang Group's achievements today are inseparable from the support of the Party Committee, the government and the general public." Cheng mingsong said that it is also an obligation of enterprises to assume corresponding social responsibilities. Buyang 10 million Public welfare Fund was established in 2005. Year-end poverty assistance and love to help students are two large public welfare activities that never change every year. Through more than 10 years of cultivation, Buyang 10 million public welfare fund has become a public welfare platform with good public credibility, which gathers the power of social love in Lizhou.

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