Good news! Warm congratulations to Buyang Group for winning the honorary title of

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-02-18

On February 18, Jinhua city "four tough four to contend for the first" conference was held, the People's government of Jinhua city assessed and awarded Buyang Group Jinhua 2020 "Industry Top Ten" honorary title, this is the fifth time the company won this award!

The heavy medal is a tribute to all the staff of the company in 2020 for overcoming difficulties and forging ahead with determination, and also a spur for buyang people to stay true to their original aspiration and forge ahead. As a key industrial enterprise in Jinhua, the company has been adhering to the people-oriented, closely follow the pace of industrial intelligent manufacturing development, adhere to the concept of high-speed, high-quality and efficient development, closely around the company's strategic goals, to improve quality as the center, to increase efficiency as the goal, to innovation and improvement as the starting point, dig deep internal potential, In production, quality, environmental protection, safety, intelligent manufacturing and industrial information and other aspects of significant improvement and greater achievements.

In 2021, our company will be based on "four crucial four rushed to" the requirements of the conference spirit, to better play a leading role as the top ten industrial enterprises, closely around the high quality development, comprehensively deepen reform, expand continuously innovation, unity, and efforts to lift to speed up development, in order to promote economic construction record jinhua region, make greater contribution.

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