Luo Xiaofeng, deputy Secretary of party Committee and Director of Zhejiang Taxation Bureau of State Taxation Administration, came to Buyang Group to carry out three service activities

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-05-15

On the morning of May 15, Luo Xiaofeng, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and director of Zhejiang Taxation Bureau of State Taxation Administration, visited Buyang Group to carry out the three service activities. Xu Baoguo, Yongkang Taxation Bureau, Ni Lei and other relevant leaders, and Xu Buyun, Chairman of Buyang Group and Xu Jingjun, General manager of Buyang Group accompanied the investigation.

Director Lao Xiaofeng visited Buyang Science and Technology Museum accompanied by chairman

Under the leadership of Chairman Xu Buyun, Director Luo Xiaofeng and his delegation visited Buyang Science and Technology Museum, Buyang big data center, Buyang comprehensive exhibition hall of all categories, Buyang Demonstration exhibition hall of Party construction, Buyang smart factory automatic production line, to understand the current production and operation of Buyang, technological innovation, enterprise tax situation and market strategic layout planning. Party building work for the soul, enterprise development for reality, Buyang Group has always taken party building work as the "winning magic weapon" of enterprise development. In the buyang party building exhibition hall, Lao Xiaofeng deeply felt the red culture of buyang, frequently for "Buyang Party building work" praise.

Visit the buyang Party building exhibition hall

On the forum, Chairman Xu introduced in detail the efforts made by Buyang to improve yongkang's tax revenue, especially in recent years, the national government has helped the real economy, and many preferential policies have been introduced in tax revenue to reduce tax burden for enterprises.

Director Lao Xiaofeng said, the door can make so many product series, tell a series of stories, Step Yang Group is an admirable enterprise, is an influential enterprise, especially in the process of enterprise transformation and upgrading, digital empowerment, product innovation and development, the excellent quality of entrepreneurs is admirable. Such excellent enterprises give them a lot of confidence, the tax department will spare no effort to do a good job in the service work, provide solutions to the difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises, actively help enterprises to solve problems, and create a good business environment.

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