Jia Yu, secretary of the Party Group and chief Procurator of The Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province, visited Buyang Group and praised the mode of enabling enterprises with digital technology

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-06-01

In late May, Jia Yu, party Secretary and Chief Procurator of Zhejiang Procuratorate, visited Buyang Group for investigation, accompanied by Zhong Ruiyou, Party Secretary and Chief Procurator of Jinhua People's Procuratorate, He Dehui, Party Secretary and Chief Procurator of Yongkang People's Procuratorate, And Xu Buyun, chairman of Buyang Group.

Chairman Xu accompanied Procurator-General Jia to visit Buyang Group

Accompanied by Chairman Xu, Chief Inspector Jia Yu visited Buyang Science and Technology Museum, big data center, Party building exhibition hall, Buyang comprehensive exhibition hall of all categories, and had a detailed understanding of Buyang intelligent manufacturing, data enabling and current production and sales.

Visit Buyang Science and Technology Museum, big data center, party building exhibition hall

Jia praised Buyang's model of empowering enterprises with digital technology. He pointed out that The business environment of Zhejiang province is in the forefront of the country, the rule of law is the best business environment, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises is an important duty entrusted by the state to the procuratorial organs. Procuratorial organs at all levels should strengthen service guarantee, give priority to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises, and build a favorable environment supporting the sustainable and healthy development of private enterprises. We hope that Chairman Xu will continue to make Buyang bigger and stronger, build a century-old enterprise, benefit thousands of families, and lead Buyang Group to become an "important window" of yongkang private economy.

Jia prosecutor-general to buyang digital enabling mode to praise

Chairman xu thank jia attorney general line to visit, xu dong said that the current rise in raw material brings huge influence to the whole industry, we looking in to danger, dare to face the challenges of the market, under the strong leadership of party committees and governments at all levels, Yang will continue to stick to the industry, continue to promote the digital, intelligent transformation, giving full play to the advantages of good brand, channel, To achieve high quality and sustainable development goals.

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