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Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-06-08

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, on the afternoon of June 4, The Step Yang Group held a "talk about party history, establish faith, abandon bad habits, Yang Zhengqi" thematic education and yongkang city two new Party organization secretary training meeting.

Buyang Group party secretary Comrade Cheng Mingsong presided over the activity

This activity is co-sponsored by Buyang Group Party Committee and Yongkang Intelligent door (lock) Red industry Alliance, Xicheng Street Party Working Committee. Yongkang Municipal Party Committee organization Department two new section chief Lou Tianfeng, Xicheng subdistrict Party working Committee member Chen Peng, Xicheng subdistrict affiliated enterprises two new Party organization secretary, intelligent door (lock) industrial cluster party building alliance unit representative attended the lecture by Shaoshan (MAO Zedong's hometown) senior lecturer Peng Jing.

Yongkang Municipal Party committee organization Department two new section chief Lou Tianfeng speech

Yongkang Municipal Party committee organization Department two new section chief Lou Tianfeng made an important speech at the meeting, never forget the "road", take a good "foot road", firm "future road" three aspects as the breakthrough point, for how to learn the party history pointed out the direction. Step Yang people are required to study the history of the party and the development of enterprises together, the study of the history of the Party, carry forward the revolutionary spirit into the power of enterprise development, with a more high spirit and attitude to create a new situation of the two new party construction and development.

Lecturer Peng Jing gives a lecture

Party history class, Peng Jing lecturer to 100 years ago the birth of the Communist Party of China as the opening, a unique story about generations of Chinese Communists shed blood, sacrifice for the cause of the Chinese revolution glorious history. The most moving part of the course is: "Comrade MAO Zedong dared to call the sun and the moon to change the new sky"; "The devotion of countless Communists to the end of their lives"; "The old generation of revolutionaries life incorruptible heart for public dedication"; Deeply moved everyone present, words to emotional, the scene of tears.

Party history education and training activity scene

The party history education and training activities, so that the majority of party members and participants of the buyang staff were greatly inspired, this is not only a spiritual baptism, but also an ideological journey. Everyone feeling is quite deep, think that the event has profound education significance, course is short, but chairman MAO will benefit left precious spiritual wealth for the rest of their lives, step Yang people will be following the example of a great man, yongkang city municipal party committee proposed in combination with "faith, abandon bad habits, Yang vital qi" campaign, with practical action to practice the Chinese communists beginner's mind and mission, Inheriting the great man's spirit with practical actions, keeping in mind the mission and striving for pioneer, serving customers with heart, casting the new image of Buyang brand with quality, and greeting the centennial of the founding of the Party with excellent achievements!

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