Yongkang Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary Hu Yongchun to Buyang Group research!

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2021-11-26

On the afternoon of November 26, Hu Yongchun, deputy secretary of yongkang Municipal Party Committee, and his delegation went to Buyang Group for research. Chairman Xu Buyun and General Manager Xu Jingjun accompanied them to visit Buyang Science and Technology Museum, Buyang big data center and Buyang 5G intelligent factory.

Chairman Xu introduced the development history, industry overview and enterprise situation of Buyang Group to Deputy Secretary Hu Yongchun, and Hu Yongchun highly recognized the strategic positioning of Buyang Group. In Buyang 5G intelligent manufacturing workshop, Hu Yongchun and a detailed understanding of the production of Buyang intelligent manufacturing workshop.

Hu Yongchun said that at present, the state vigorously support the construction of the real economy, buyang Group is also a good opportunity for development. In the rapidly changing market situation, Step Yang to actively carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit, to make new and greater contributions to the high quality development of private economy, social and economic construction.

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