Buyang Door Industry Research Institute -- the first door industry technology research and development center in China

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2014-06-30

Buyang Group invested 60 million yuan to establish the first door industry research institute in the country. In the future, the door industry research institute will be the leading technology of the whole industry. Under the research institute, there are four blocks: experience center, testing center, design center and new material laboratory, which is the technical backing for industrial upgrading of Buyang, and also a milestone for Buyang to create scientific and technological innovation enterprises.

Group chairman Xu Buyun have high hopes for door industry research institute, he said: as the security industry leading brand, step Yang through the establishment of industry research institute, from the components selection, certification to the finished product production, quality inspection, to develop the industry leading industry manufacturing processes and material selection criteria, and once again lead away to other brand products.

In 2013, the global sales of Buyang safety gate increased for 10 consecutive years. In 2013, the group achieved a total sales of 5.7 billion yuan, of which the door business division accounted for 70%, highlighting the important position of the door industry as the pillar industry of the group.

Facing the future, The investment momentum of Piyang Group in the door industry continues to be strong. The total investment is planned to reach 2.6 billion yuan by 2018, and the capital will mainly flow into the development of new products and technologies. In addition, The international sales network and production network of Proyang Group will be further expanded.

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