Buyang boutique door series - enjoy the quality of life leading the trend of the industry

Source:BUYANG GROUPRelease time:2014-06-27

Buyang quality door through the use of new zinc alloy materials, specifically according to different climates around the adjustment of the surface treatment process, to ensure that in the ultraviolet and acid corrosion experiment higher than the national standard 2 times the time does not fade; The whole series of products adopt the latest buyang anti-theft lock core, with excellent security in the market unique, for users to bring safety experience.

Compared with ordinary products in the market, buyang boutique door products use high-quality accessories, there are 8 leading technology, a total of 150 thousand times impact resistance test, 100 thousand times lock switch test, 150 thousand times hinged door fan switch test, to ensure that the beginning of the development of buyang boutique door has a step Yang adhering to the high quality. And the overall door frame facade more than 50 laser online measurement points, for more than 70 kinds of harmful substances strict monitoring, so that the high quality of the door can really see see, touch.

1, door frame and facade selection of zinc iron alloy plate, this plate is used in the manufacturing of car shell, high strength, good toughness, and has a very high corrosion resistance, excellent adhesion of the coating;

2, double ring anti-saw lock, lock bolt embedded metal steel, anti-saw performance increased 10 times, the upper and lower ring structure, anti-skid performance is super;

3, 304 stainless steel high strength hinge, 600 thousand high frequency open test quality verification, a single hinge bearing capacity of more than 500kg, with Buyang laser anti-counterfeiting logo, patented products, can achieve up and down adjustment;

4, patent ladder groove button-side structure, using PU coated seal imported from Italy, 20 years of weather resistance, no aging, no falling off, good sound insulation performance, good texture;

5, boutique lock core, internal special two anti technology opening pin, more than the national B class lock core anti technology opening performance of the highest standard, the outer end of the special door closing device, to prevent foreign bodies into the lock core mutual opening rate is almost zero, the key is made of copper. PICC lock insurance claims up to 500 thousand yuan, to the security of the security on the "double insurance".

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